Sentry Safety Services


Sentry Safety Services, Inc. has a Computer Based Training Lab that can streamline any process for your company.

Most industrial sites require their contractors to be trained in site specific procedures prior to working at their site.  Sometimes, this training is provided at the facility.  However, many facilities today require contractors to take online computer based training prior to ever coming onsite.  This training is often hours long, and requires high speed network due to the video structure of the training. This can tie up the computers at your office.

By using our lab, you are guaranteed employees are going to take the training in the best possible environment.  We validate ID’s, take photograph of students, and are able to assist them if they are having problems navigating the training.

We are an approved Alliance Safety Council Proctored Training Location offering the popular PowerSafe Training now required at many utility facilities.

To register your company and employees for PowerSafe Training, click below.