Sentry Safety Services


If you operate a manufacturing facility and want to determine the status of your safety program, we can help. We can identify safety and training deficiencies, and suggest workable solutions. We can tailor our inspections to your operations, which will allow you to prioritize our findings, correct hazards, and improve the safety and wellbeing of your employees while reducing risk and downtime.

Three specific areas that are often cause injuries and incidents, include ergonomics, lockout tagout, and powered industrial trucks. We can help you improve in all three areas.


Manufacturing of all types is ultra-competitive where every penny saved is a competitive advantage. Enterprises are recognizing that one way to maintain a competitive advantage is by having healthy employees working in an ergonomic space.  Preventing soft tissue injuries will result in greater efficiency and productivity.  We have the knowledge in ergonomics to help companies improve their workplace ergonomics.  Evaluations of your lines will determine areas of concern.  We will create an improvement strategy for improving ergonomics as well as training of your staff on the ergonomic workplace.

Lockout Tagout

Lockout tagout or energy isolation is a paramount procedure in any manufacturing facility to prevent significant injury to employees.  We can audit your current lockout tagout policies to verify their adequacy or create a new policy tailored to your specific needs.  The success of any lockout tagout policy depends on a well-educated workforce.  We will instruct your facility on OSHA requirements, your specific policies, and best practices.

Powered Industrial Trucks

Powered Industrial Trucks consistently land on OSHA’s most frequently cited standards.  Even more concerning is that annually, nearly 40,000 workers are injured due to industrial truck accidents and approximately 100 are killed.  Let our experts evaluate your warehouse operations to identify potential hazards.  We will also train your employees in the safe operation of powered industrial trucks.