Sentry Safety Services

Petrochemical Facilities

Petrochemical facilities present specialized hazards that require the knowledge, training, and experience to access and manage.  We have the professionals necessary to complete your project or turnaround.

We can provide the following to facilities and contractors working in this setting:

  • Full-time site safety professionals deployed to the project or turnaround
  • Training on hazards specific to this industry
  • New Hire orientation and drug screening
  • Job Hazard Analysis of critical projects
  • Onsite medical/first-aid clinic
  • Contractor safety program evaluation and selection guidance
  • Development of project readiness reviews, health and safety documents and procedures
  • Benchmarking and gap analysis consulting for corporate governance on projects
  • Training specifically required in petrochemical industries up to and including PSM, hydrogen sulfide, benzene, breathing air / SAR / SCBA
  • “Hole Watch” and “Fire Watch” support
  • Safety Approved Lighting using Pelican Products